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Day Zero Project

So, I feel inspired to start the 101 Things in 1001 Days project. In fact I'm starting today because 1001 days from now is December 31st 2013 and that's too good to pass up.

(I'm stealing the idea and the date from karohi - thanks!)

I've not quite reached 101 things but I feel that if I start adding more to the list just to fill it up then they won't really be things that I actually want to do or am likely to finish, so I think I'll stick with what I've got for now.

1. Dye my hair purple
2. Buy or collect three teapots (new or second hand)
3. See the sun rise
4. Do five spontaneous things
5. Donate blood at least once
6. Put together an item of furniture single-handedly
7. Have a make over
8. Get my eyebrows shaped
9. Find out what make up would suit me and learn to use it
10. Take a hiking trip alone, including at least one night away
11. Go on a city break alone
12. Buy The Big Issue once a month
13. Complete 20 hours of voluntary work
14. Try five new restaurants in Manchester
15. Go to a theme park

16. Make three new friends
17. Host an afternoon tea party
18. Go to a roller disco
19. Go ice skating
20. Get back in contact with three friends (whom I've not seen in at least a year)
21. Go on a Madwalkers weekend
22. Go to a ceilidh

Health & Wellbeing
23. Cook/bake ten new recipes
24. Bake a two-layered sponge cake
25. Get a massage

Cultural & Educational
26. Memorise 10 poems, each at least 10 lines long
27. Read The Lord of the Rings trilogy
28. Read the complete works of Shakespeare
29. Start and finish a novel by Charles Dickens
30. Read 150 new books
31. Watch 10 new foreign-language films (either DVD or cinema)
32. Find 10 new music artists that I love (and buy their album/s)
33. See 10 plays at the theatre – and they can't all be Shakespeare
34. Visit 10 art exhibitions, either in the UK or abroad
35. Watch all previously unseen films on the IMDB top 100
36. Go to the ballet
37. visit 10 new museums

38. Start and finish a knitting project
39. Make Alex a button-related wedding present
40. Make a piece of button/canvas wall art
41. Make a handbag or book bag out of old denim
42. Have a tie-dyeing session
43. Make three items of clothing
44. Finish my cat cross stitch
45. Make a patchwork something
46. Replace the missing buttons on my noticeboard

Exercise & Fitness
47. Run 5km without stopping
48. Climb Ben Nevis
49. Walk The Sandstone Trail

Time Dependent
50. Be vegetarian for one month
51. Drink no alcohol for one month
52. Take a photograph every day for a month
53. Read a whole book in one day
54. Learn a new word every month
55. Drink no caffeine for one week
56. Stay off Facebook for a week
57. Not use the Internet (excluding work use) for one week (holidays don't count)

Finance & Organisation
58. Organise my paperwork into sensible categories
59. Get a credit card
60. Move my ISA to one with a better interest rate
61. Get a new phone!
62. Save £1000 (in my ISA – not including existing savings)
63. Back up all photographs and computer files in two different places
64. Sort out anti-virus software for laptop
65. Understand and use online banking

66. Visit Glasgow
67. Revisit Edinburgh
68. Visit India
69. Visit Ireland
70. Visit three countries I've never been to before
71. Travel first class on a train

Right. Better get on with some of these then!

More detailed entry due sometime soon. So much to say, so little time to say it!
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